ABOUT US Here in Blue Moon we believe that living in an Organic and Ecofriendly environment brings a lot of benefit to your life and health. Our hopes and dreams are to inspire people that come and stay with us and educate them on fresh and organic living. With our hospitality we want to create not costumers but long lasting friendship.
RETREAT CENTER The Blue Moon is a peaceful hilltop retreat close to "civilization", but away from the tourist crowds. Our 30 acres of absolute tranquility in the Dominican countryside are perfect for romantic and family getaways, and our quiet, reflective environment is particularly suited for retreats, parties, workshops, and special events.
Get in Touch with Us
Blue Moon is a unique guest house and retreat center located in the foothills of the Septentrional mountains of the Dominican Republic's north coast
RESTAURANT Blue Moon hosts the only fusion of Indian / Caribbean restaurant in this region of the Dominican Republic. We are well known for our feasts of up to 30 guests in our thatched-roof dining kiosk, or 90+ with buffet. Our guests enjoy dinner the traditional way seated comfortably upon cushions on the floor with banana leaves as plates and the right hand as silverware.
ACCOMODATION The Blue Moon's five bungalows with seven suites and one family suite have many unexpected amenities. Our bungalows are set close enough to one and another for convenience, but far enough to allow the special privacy we all desire.
WEDDINGS If you love nature and you are looking for a Mountain wedding venue, Blue Moon is your perfect option. Our complex is in the Septentrional Mountains chain of the Dominican Republic with amazing views and spectaculars sunsets.
VOLUNTEER GROUPS For the last 15 years Blue Moon has hosted different types of volunteer’s groups. Most of the groups have been involved in our Educational Project in Los Brazos community where Blue Moon is sponsoring and managing a Kindergarten and a Community Center.
ACTIVITIES Relaxing by the pool with a good book, under the shade of a coconut palm is only one of the many activities to enjoy while staying at Blue Moon. Mountain biking, kayaking, canyoning, cascading, hiking, horseback riding and river tubing are some of the activities you can enjoy close to our community. Surfing, kite boarding, scuba diving, windsurfing, snorkeling, are all activities you can do within 20 minutes of Blue Moon.